portrait photography

“If you think you can’t make a good picture of you, let’s give it a fly!”

Ladies! Sometimes all ladies need a photo series, only about them. These series can be nice gift to your boyfriends or husbands or your own as well.
It is hartily recommend to every girl, lady, mum etc. because this is the best way to meet and accept ourselfs, to see our beautiness.
These photographies are time-consuming minimum 1,5-2 hours. You can change your dresses, the interiors, you can choose the out-door sceneries as well. There are no hurdles.
According to your requirements we can create series semi nude or nude as well. We find the best poses for you, and we give enough time to find and cach you opened.

If you have any questions or you need quotation feel free to contact me!


Check out a selection of my portrait photos!