about me


To know me better let me tell you a story…

I started to deal with photography in 2011 in 2014 my dream came true that photograpy is not only a hobby but my job as well. I live with my family on a nice farm near Kunfehértó (southern Hungary). In 2016 I opened my brand new studio on the farm – I do love it! The farm, and its surroundings offer excellent spot for photograpy. In my atelier besides the conventional black and white backgrounds of course there are seasonal installations – interiors following the actualities (seasons, holidays, events). In addition to the studio, there are lavender and rose plantaions, nice grove, floral fields, orchards right on the farm, and for a few minutes there is a lake in a really spectacular envirinment. All of these facilities make the place not only a studio but a quite good spot for short family programs too. During a family photography the spacious places, the garden meaning the freedom for the smaller children are very important. This unique combination of opportunities make my studio quite popular. I  have also guests from far cities. I have many recurring clients as well – from wedding ceremony of a couple to birthdays of their children. It is very nice to meet these people again and again and follow their life.

What does photography mean for me? What do I find important to be better photographer?

Hard questions, but some words can express my opinion quite well: appropriate gear (cameras, lens and accesories), humility, patience, attention, perseverance, tenderness, sincerity, momentum, preparedness, practice, routine, relaxation, kindness, etc  …and a lot of love and mutual trust. These are highlighted, essential to make a candid and natural photo series.

Thank you for your attention, for beeing here!

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